Holiday hot gift! MOD Duo + Power bank!

Holiday hot gift! MOD Duo + Power bank!

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Holidays are here! Buy a MOD Duo and get a high-end MOD Power bank for free!

MOD Duo is the first digital platform for performing musicians. From the legendary classics to mind-blowing innovations, it features multi-FX, simulations, synths, sequencers, loopers and MIDI utilities in one single stompbox fully configurable and ready to stage. 

Evergrowing open source gallery and full flexibility for letting your creativity rule.
Multiple pre-amps optimized for any instrument you want to plug in.

This is the stompbox revolution.

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Orders after the 21st. December will be shipped out on the 3rd. January, and delivered within 2-3 working days.

MOD Duo specs:

  • Completely independent audio inputs and outputs

  • Configurable input and output gain: use it with any instrument

  • Outputs usable in balanced and unbalanced mode: connect to any device

  • Headphone out with dedicated volume control and direct monitoring option

  • High-fidelity audio path

  • Relay-based True-Bypass


  • Full MIDI support - both legacy DIN and USB MIDI

  • USB-host port for connecting peripherals (Bluetooth dongles, etc)

  • Expand connectivity with a USB hub

  • USB-device port for connecting to the computer

  • Control Chain port for connecting MOD peripherals


  • Compact footprint device: 180 x 74.7 x 160 (W x H x D, millimeters) / 1.2 kg

  • Power supply that works in every country (100V ~ 240V @ 50 ~ 60 Hz)

  • USB connection cable

  • Quick Start Guide

  • (Power Bank box)

Power Bank specs:

  • 9 hours battery for running the Duo live
  • 12-24V charging voltage
  • Simultaneous charging and discharging possible (via USB input)
  • Charging time of 10 hours with via USB or 3 hours with 13-20V Hollow in
  • Dimensions / weight: 174 x 78 x 22mm / about 400g


  • MOD Power bank
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Automotive charger
  • 2.1mm DC Jack
  • 8 different DC jack adapters for notebooks
  • Power bank manual