MOD Expression (shipment currently scheduled for Q2 2019)

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- 100% aluminum with stainless steel bolts.
- matches the MOD Duo (both units are 160mm long).
- real gear coupling for transmission of rotation from pedal to a potentiometer.
- easy maintenance design.
- 1 big 128x64 LCD display + 2 RGB LEDs for monitoring and info.
- 1 rocking pedal (the expression element)
- 1 external footswitch (left side of the pedal)
- 1 internal footswitch (under the pedal, in the front section)
- 1 navigating footswitch (near the display) - works similar to the push of the knob on the MOD Duo, but applied to the pedal. With it you’ll be able to change the parameter being controlled by the pedal.