MOD Footswitch

MOD Footswitch

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The MOD Footswitch is the smart control extension tailor-made for all MOD products

The MOD Footswitch seamlessly connects to your MOD Duo and instantly recognizes your Pedalboard Builder to extend the actuators you can use to control your effects, scroll through lists, bypasses and toggles, and define tap tempos.

Thanks to dedicated LCDs, it allows you to keep track of the exact effects assigned at all times and when shifting through pedalboards.

Want even more control? You can daisy chain it with another MOD Footswitch or any other Control Chain Device.


ARM Cortex-M0

2 Character LCDs 16x2
4 footswitches with LEDs

USB - Mini B entry
Used to upgrade the firmware
Control Chain
RS-485 (TIA/EIA-485) Standard - Full duplex
2 RJ45 connectors
Power over Ethernet cable

Aluminum enclosure
Low profile design
Dimensions and weight:
Width: 280mm
Length: 87mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: 0.5kg

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